Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cant believe I missed this date

Well yes I can with everything going on.

It was a year ago on Friday, November 30th that I saw this picture.

When I got to work that day there was talk of a little girl with congenital cataracts. I immediately logged in to see this sweet little face looking at me. I actually called CCAI and left a message and sent an email BEFORE calling my husband. Once I was finally able to talk to them I was told there was a list of families wanting her file. I still cant believe God chose this child for us. It was a long weekend, and I had told myself that she had found her forever family so you can image my surprise on Monday morning when I got a call from Pam asking if we wanted to look at her file, are you kidding me, YES, I was already in love with this child.

Her file made it appear that she was nearly blind. Could I ask my family to do this, to take on a nearly blind child? We have lots of vision problems in my family. We had two days to decide. I was a little scared all of a sudden. I was suppose to let CCAI know on Wednesday morning, my dear sweet hubby didn't call me and say OK lets do this until it was actually time to call them.

That same man is now wrapped around her little finger. It is so cute to watch the two of them together.

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Carrie said...

SO glad you said yes! she fits in your family like a glove! What a big blessing!