Friday, December 19, 2008

Going to get a Christmas Tree

See her Daddy, he always gets a really big hello

I wont lie, it stood empty for about four days.

At the Summerville Christmas Parade. She does not like loud noises as you can tell.

Armando, our Elf on a Shelf in some of his spots.

That Crazy elf likes to be upside down.

I took the camera with us the day of her surgery. This was the only picture we took. We took her from the bed to the car without really waking her up. The poor thing, when she fianally work back up after the surgery, she cried, screamed the whole time, until we got home. That is a 40 minute ride! She is doing really well.

Going to see Santa for the offical Santa Picture. I'll scan one in (at some point)

Same day of the Santa Picture. We took her to see the lights at the James Island County park, and this is her the entire ride through. She slept through it.

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