Sunday, December 7, 2008

Carsons Sister has an art project

Help for 'The Teenager

'Yes, I snuck onto my moms blog again.... but this is for a good cause! Art class is required at my school in order to graduate, which gave my mother the bright idea to sign me up for it this year, while I wasn't home. Getting to the point, my class has their BIGGEST project ever coming up! It is called an instillation project, they're very hard to describe, but amazing to look at! This is where I need all you parents to help me! We are to base our project off of a statistic of our choice, and mine is about how many children are adopted from China each year. Now, this project will be up in my school for all to see, it should be about the size of a whole wall, possibly smaller. My idea was to get as many photos of children who have been adopted from China, and to put all their photos inside a large picture of China. If you all would be ever so kind as to send me a picture of your child who has been adopted, I would be so grateful. If you have more than one adopted, the more the merrier! (= If you could e-mail any friends of yours, tell others about it, e-mail your Yahoo groups, etc. I would be so thankful! Remember it will be out in my school, and need your permission. If you could e-mail me at I would be SO happy!

Thank you so much!Meggie (=Thank you!

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Kristin said...

I sent Meggie our pictures yesterday. Sounds like a ocol project!!!