Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well Dance Class starts tomorrow, she will only go once a week. She seems to be excited, I sure hope she likes it, and will continue on with it.
Her Mama bought her shoes and this bag, which Gracie just loves.

There are her size 8 PJ's that we got in China, she found them in the back of her drawer and needless to say, had to put them on.
We went to dinner with Tom and Ann Friday night. I was painting my nails getting ready, when Gracie saw me painting my toes, you know she was right there. I made her ask her Daddy (who says he does NOT give her everything she wants) b/c he does not like nail polish at all. Of course he told her yes! Her very first painted toes! Have I said lately how very blessed I am. I love having a daughter. She brings so much joy into our lives.

Dinner: We were invited to go to Grill 225

All I can say is nice, VERY nice. It is a steak house downtown, again, NICE! Paul called me on Wednesday, I think, to inform me we were going to dinner. I'm like, uh what about Gracie, I haven't talked to Lynsey to see if she is busy. Gracie LOVES her to death! So after checking to see if she could watch her, I then had to stress over what to wear, besides the fact that I don't have alot of clothes, and really nothing fancy anymore, what I do have really does not fit anymore!!!! We arrived at the restaurant, with valet (did I spell that right) parking. Met them at the bar for drinks, I'm not a big drinker. I asked for a white wine, who knew there were so many choices behind a white wine, Ann was gracious enough to tell the guy what to give me. I really enjoyed her choice. We then went to our table for dinner (we were there for 3 hours). It was EXCELLENT. However my wine glass never got empty, (and yes I was drinking it) so I figured I'd better switch to water. The food was excellent, the dessert was great, and we all had a good time (at least I hope they did).

Our Faithful Companions.

Here is Peanut, who is getting old. He usually is laying somewhere near where ever Gracie is during the day. He seems to have adjusted to having a little one in the house again. I think he has figured out she is not going anywhere.

Here is the worlds sweetest dog. She is ALWAYS under my feet. While I work during the day, she is under the table, right next to me. Such a sweet thing.

As of this weekend, I will become again, a Hunting Season Widow!

So between his work and hunting, I guess it'll just be Gracie and I. I wonder if he'll try and take Gracie this year. The guys at the hunting club finally fixed up the club house from what I understand. I'm looking forward to seeing that.

I got PaulPauls senior pics back. I wish I could have gotten more, they were so nice! I really love the ones of him and Gracie. I got the proofs, so I'll scan them in later. PaulPaul starts his SENIOR year on Monday. He finally made it, I sure hope he has a good year!!!!!

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Dance! yeah! Mke sure and take pictures of her in her tutu and ballet shoes. ;)