Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of Dance

Well the teacher, Ms Veronica, said to just wear something comfortable, she didn't have to wear any tights and no real dress code. I got her a few things anyway. Most of the girls (oh so cute) were wearing really cute skirts and some just wore the leotard (which I don't find very attractive). Guess my baby will wear her skirt next week.

I was very unsure how she would do, we've been talking about every day trying to get her excited, which she was. I explained over and over, I would wait right there and would not leave until she was done, and it was time to go home. She seemed very content with that. We got there 15 minutes early. She was doing fine, she sat next to me very quiet. The other little girls started arriving and still she was ok. Ms Veronica said we would do tap first, which is good, because she likes her tap shoes much better than her ballet shoes. When it came time to go, I could feel the tears (mine not hers, I've waited such a long time for this moment) she said, you be here, I promised her I would wait right here, and off she went. She did wonderfully, by that I mean, she had no problem leaving me. She also did very well for her first class. I could tell she still has problem understanding what words mean. Tiptoes, backwards, in general there were alot, but she picked them all up (except the tiptoes and the jumping over the little bean bag). She was SO CUTE! She enjoyed her class and is excited to go back. She has been running around the house showing us all her moves! I just love it.

Is she not just BEAUTIFUL beyond words. By the way, her hair is just long enough for a ponytail! (She does not like me to put ponytails in her hair, so I've told her she must put her hair up for class)

Have I told you lately how much I love my husband and how wonderful he can be (he can be alot of things and wonderful CAN be rare)!

As I told you earlier he wanted to take Gracie to see MICKEY! And I wanted to wait, well he finally got me all excited, and then he started to change his mind ( I guess after figuring up how many dimes it would take - I just watched How to do Disney on a Dime, (YEAH RIGHT) while flipping channels - that is actually where Gracie realized that MICKEY is more than a cartoon). Back to my original comment, he finally got me excited, so there was really no turning back, I mean seriously.

So Guess where Miss Grace will be spending her very first Halloween!!!!! Not that she has a clue what that is. That's right, we're taking our Princess to the Happiest Place on Earth. I was on the phone with the nicest rep for 49 minutes, but its booked. 3 days in the parks, four nights there, Breakfast with MICKEY and Trick or Treating in the Park! (She will be Minnie Mouse- do you think I could Paul Ray is dress as Prince Charming) I don't think Life could get any better, well maybe, I might have more good news to share soon so stay tuned! Carrie, I will get with you to see if we can meet up for dinner or something while we are there. I know we could do Thur night, maybe Sat night or Sun Morning.

Our Hotel: The Contemporary Resort


Teresa =) said...

Wow...those pics of Grace really take me back to Meggie's start in dance (at the age of 3). They are so cute and excited at the beginning of dance...and the dancing and prancing through the house only gets worse, trust me!!

It is so awesome how much you love your baby girl...the love and pride you put in your blog really chokes me up!!

Teresa =)

The Sharp Family said...

Okay, what news. You know I hate this :)