Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just another day in Grace's life.....

We got up this morning and went and got Ashlee Gail, and then headed to

the Social Security office. Wow, its alot like going to the Highway department. Who makes the system with the numbers, how do you know who is next?????? We were there just a little over an hour. So her SS card is applied for, all I have to do now is the state or re adoption to get her a state birth certificate. Her immunizations will be caught up in Sept. We have our first of two social worker visits in October, things are just falling into place.
From there we headed downtown to the newest Dunkin Donuts, which is on Meeting Street. They had their grand opening today. I got to meet Mayor Joe Riley. This was Gracie's third opening since coming home in April. There will be at least one maybe two more this year. Bonny (my best friend) son, Mikey was Perky today (coffee cup). After the ceremony, we met Bonny at Bubba Gumps for lunch. So all in all, it was a very nice day.

This picture below shows what Gracie loves LOVES to do. I think she needs her own camera. It was funny, she had no problem telling anyone to stand still and point where she wanted them to be.

We made brownies the other night, I'd say she has the hang of what to do with the bowl.

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Carrie said...

that is so cute with the bowel of chocolate! I know I need to get MJ ss too! everytime I think of it I get busy with something else and forget! what a loser I am- I wish you could just send the stuff in from home. They say if you have a office near you you must come in!