Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I don't have a clue what caused my daughter to put a band aid on her eye brows, but that is exactly what she did. She has had a fascination with band aids since arriving home. I have to keep them put up or she will use them all. She came to me this morning looking for help. Ouch!!!!! I tried lotion and water. I was afraid it would peel her eye brows off, luckily it didn't. I bet she wont do that again. She is no longer afraid of the dogs. She stills give Peanut respect for the most part because he will snap at her. But poor Neli is so sweet to her, and she continues to YELL demands at her all day long. Neli is usually under my feet all day until PaulPaul comes home. Gracie decided she would lay down with her under the table. I guess her fear is over.
Yes, Neli does make a nice soft pillow!
Since our trip to Florida, Gracie has been back in our bed. This child is all over the place. I went to go to bed last night, when I walked in, she was actually sitting up leaning on her daddy's back, and before I could get the camera and get back, she had moved again. Shhh, we don't have to tell her daddy I took this picture.

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