Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grace's 2nd Surgery

I must say, this time was a little better than the last.  We didnt tell her until the night before.  She was a very big girl.  They gave her some "happy" juice this time.  Pretty much, she was drunk, the first picture, she was talking and all of a sudden her words were slurring, it was a little funny.

Afterwords (about an hour in surgery) they come got me and Paul, the girl would not wake up.  We got her up enough for one zip of juice and to give her some meds for pain.  They sent us home with her still asleep.  They said if she's not up drinking in two hours to call us.  Well it was right before time to call when she woke up.  she is doing good, having some pain which should be gone by tomorrow.  Her eye will most likely look gross for a few more days.  They did discover the cataract is growing back on her left eye, so we'll now be following that with yet another doctor as well. 

She is ready for school to start back, we still need to get one or two things but she is good and she is ready.  Dance starts back on Thursday and she is doing very well (in my opinion) on the piano.   Maybe she can teach me.

The summer really went back very quickly.  Hope you enjoyed yours

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