Sunday, July 4, 2010

D's Gal Summer Reunion 2010

We hit the road at 630 Friday morning 06/24. Me, Grace and Ashlee Gail. I haven't seen these ladies since I left Captain D's in 2001 when they starting closing the Regional offices. There are a few ladies who keep in touch, so we finally planned a get together. There were four of us that traveled to TN to stay with Elaine. WE had a great time.

Really ASH, I'm gonna start a collection of you hiding your face!

There were lots of hugs to be given and even more pictures to be taken.

This was right after I got there. My dear friends were waiting outside by the drive way for us when we arrive. I told Ash, now look for the house, she says you think it might be that one down there with all the people waving!!! lol I wish I had taken a picture. These are the five of us who spend the weekend toghter. Linda, Lynn, Elaine, Me and Kim
One lady, Joan, had left before we thought to get a group picture. There are a few lady who still work there.

She went from being afraid of the pool
To Lovin it and having a great time.

She was lovin the pool

Grace and Elaine

Grace with Linda's son Brandon

Me and my book keeper from D's, Shirley

It was a great weekend for all. We hope to get together again in a year or two.

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