Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cheer Camp

Grace went to Cheer Camp last week and LOVED it. She now says she wants to cheer instead of dance, we'll see. This was day three, it was a off week, and I didn't get a picture on Monday and Tuesday.

She won the gold ribbon. When asked for what, she didnt have a clue, then later in the day, it came to her, she said she had the best attitude. That's my girl.

They called Grace, but NOT Grace Winge, you know she wasn't paying attention, and she wasn't leaving until they gave her, her certificate.

Here she is looking for us, she was never able to see us, but she knew we were there.

She was so EXCITED! and she loves her pom poms.

Look at my certificate, she has it backwards, and they all have one, but Grace wanted everyone to see it.

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