Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Warm Weather

This past weekend was really nice, but the weather is crazy. I think we hit the 80's over the weekend, tomorrow the temps start going back down.

What do you see here?

Well if you guessed Paul Paul is cleaning his truck, you would be right. Now mind you, I have to beg to get it to wash my car! His dad came and got me Sunday evening and told me to come look.
I think the boys uses a toothbrush to clean this truck (which once upon a time was mine). He is actually under it pressure washing the inside of the tires.
We need to go get him a tux, his prom is coming up. Wont be long and both my boys will be done. My oldest played in the band, oh how I loved to watch him march on the field, I miss those days. Anyway, this is (knock on wood) PaulPaul's last year and Miss Grace will start next year (still no word on when her testing is, I'm getting a little beside myself there - I really need to pray about it, I had and thought everything was good, I don't know) I'll keep you posted. Sorry, back to the tux, I need to find him a tux with a camo vest and tie, YES you heard me, he is wanting a camo tux, as hard as I tried, he wont change his mind. So if anyone in Chas knows who has one, please let me know.

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