Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Year Already!

This was the first glimpse of our baby girl, Lu Xin Ming! Dec 07
I prayed for a little girl, and God blessed me beyond my dreams.

A bundle of nerves long before we reached this spot.


With the Orphanage Director
Our little Grace was so brave. She never shed a tear that afternoon. I am so thankful for her foster mother. She prepared Grace so well. Our little lady, she stole our heart, more than her Baba was prepared for.

That first car ride, her Baba got the very first smile out of her! He would get alot of first.

Hong Kong

Arrived Safely in Charleston, as a US Citizen

Our first trip out! We had to go to Walmart and down to Granny's & Granddaddy's

May 2008
Tea with Daddy! Who would have thought this man would be having tea.
Sleeping with Big Brother, Brandon

Loving her brother, Paul Paul

Sept 2008

Nov 2008

Dec 2008

Feb 2008

March 2008

One Year "Gotcha" Day Anniversary.
We had "China Chicken" as Grace calls it. And I made her a choc cake.
Paul Ray and I want to thank everyone who followed along on our journey, our family and friends who stood by us. You made this journey so much easier.
I had given up on having a little girl years ago. Little did I know that God did in fact have other plans for our family. This very special beautiful little girl who has blessed our lives a million times over. People say how lucky she is, I'm hear to say, not nearly as lucky as we are for getting her. It took a loss in our family for my husband to know this was our path in life. I've always said Grace reminds me of Devan, and she does.
I've had this child with me for the most part of this year. We've been apart one night, and could probably count on less than 2 hands the number of times we've not been together. She still at times sleeps with us when she needs to, and I think because of this she has bonded really well. I've been blessed to have a great boss who has allowed me to bring Grace to work with me. She will continue to stay with me until school gets out, and then she'll stay with Ashlee Gail. I cant believe she'll start school in August. How can it be time already, she's only been home a year. Can someone please slow down time. It seems like yesterday my boys started school and we all know how big they are. I miss going to the football games to watch Brandon play in the band, and he'll be getting married next year. My baby boy Paul will be graduating high school this year. I just want time to slow down a little.
And another thing, is it age or me? But I find I cry at the drop of a pin, how will I ever get through raising a daughter without being a blubbering fool.

Here you go Lynds. She didnt think I would put this on the blog, and I wasnt going to. The icing didnt want to come out right at first.


The Sharp Family said...

Oh Peggy, that was a beautiful post. I admit it brought tears to my eyes. Having a girl just makes your heart weak doesn't it? And while all girls are special, our girls have been through more than we will ever know yet they have stayed resilient and strong. We are so blessed. Happy Gotcha Day my friend :) XOXOXO

Carrie said...

Happy Gotcha-so glad that you let us follow you guys to Grace!

Teresa =) said...

Peggy -

Happy Gotcha to dear, sweet Gracie! I have truly enjoyed watching that beautiful, scared little girl turn into the smiling, loving girl she is today! And the fact that she has her Daddy wrapped around her baby finger just makes me smile! (Reminds me of Meggie and her Daddy, actually.)

Keep blogging, sister...how else are we gonna keep track of you guys and arrange a marriage between Carson and Gracie some day???

Teresa =)

Chelsea Gour said...

That was a wonderful post. I loved all the pictures, they were great! You waited so long and look how wonderful it turned out.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but I have read several posts about Devan and the loss...was Devan your son?