Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Teen with a tude

This is my third attempt at this post! It keeps dissappearing.

I live with a teenager with an attitude. A major attitude.

I made him take his sister to dance class today. He gets out of school early and I have alot going on at work this week.

So by the time he got to the office his face was in a very ugly frown and his attitude was beyound nice. I had a few choice words.

His dad on the other hand, said "you know he's not used to not being the baby in the house". Hummmmmmm, I still think he needs a good swift kick you know where.

But being the good mother that I am, I stopped by the mall and got him one of these>>>>>>>>>

Well lets say his outlook changed a little, lets see how long it lasts!

You know he can eat one of these by himself, just ask Brandon!


Kristin said...

I am all into the swift kick "you know where" kind of thing. Or, things like "no baseball, no soccer, no phone, no TV, etc."

I have two of the teens with a 'tude as well who are driving me crazy.

What scares me is when the little ones are bigger, how old will I be then? I'm too afraid to do the math.

Carrie said...

Oh poor baby! He wants some love from Mama! It may just be a boy thing, My boys need time with me-weird I know but they do! But don't kiss them in public that is just gross! LOL!

Carrie said...

hey I got pics of Anna Grace on my old Ladybug of Love site!!!!

Brandon said...

i want mine to say..

To my 1337 son brandon.

U R #1 ILU