Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gracie's Bumps,
I tried to get pictures of the red ones, but you cant see them in the pictures

This is what they end up looking like and the ones on her legs she is scratching.

This is what they end up looking like, they leave scars that the doctor says will fade in time.


Kristin said...

I hope your doctor can figure out what they are.

Oh, and check out my blog for your award. :-)

Lila's mom said...

Lila's are not like that and are more like clear bumps BUT when we picked her up she also has that same things all over her tummy and legs but has gone away and didn;t leave but 1 or 2 scars!!! Go figure we thought that her specail need would be the biggest hurdle but no that's not the case at ALL her skin has been our problem thankfully it doesn;t seem to bother her. i would be curious to hear what the biospy reveals if anything!!!