Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is this week over YET?????

Has it only been a week since I posted? This has been a long week, I'm sorry did I say Long!!!!! On the one hand time is just flying by, Jan is already over, it was just Christmas. But then there are those times that just drag by.

Let see, we went into the week with our lease at the new office not being signed yet, to it finally getting signed, us getting packed and completely moved out and into a new office by Friday. There were a couple of long days in there, and I'm fixing to start some more work when I finish this post. I have yet to finish my December bank statements and January's will be ready this week. URRRRRHHHHHH if I could just get caught up!

So lets see, Grace is working on getting sick, she has a cough and a runny nose.

Here is a picture of Grace and Ashlee Gail. We went to breakfast last week for my birthday.
We took Grace for a tour of the school we hope that she will attend. Its Cathedral Academy. We submitted our application and are waiting to hear when she will be tested and then we have to wait to see if they are going to accept her. Getting into Kindergarten shouldn't be so hard. I have a feeling they want to put her in K4, not because she is not a bright child, because she is, but because she is still learning the ins and outs of our language.
Its a nice school, I'll keep you posted. I've already started getting her clothes for the school year, I hope she is in a six by then!

Here she is the day of the tour.

My mom bought her this jacket for Christmas, she has only worn it once, I sure hope it still fits next year.
She finally finished all of her shots and is finished until she is 11 except for the flu shot each year, and I think she can get the mist for that.

PaulPaul was out of school for three days so he kept Grace for 2 of them. Grace is a homebody and likes to stay home. He was able to get her to come down the slide by herself. Yea, PaulPaul!

But wait, what is my baby girl wearing!!!! Can it be, yes he has put his camouflage jacket from when he was little on her. And if it wasn't enough that she had it on, they went all over town in it!!!!!!

Our office (I'll take some pics this week) is a remodeled house and I love it, its about 15 minutes closer to home, so YEA!!!!!!!! I was spending an hour one way in the car, so that in itself is awesome. But the house has hardwood floors throughout. It does have a complete kitchen and a screened porch. My office is bigger than what I had and I now have a real desk once again. When I returned to work in August my boss had promised me a new desk, (my old one is being used by Lyndsey and the old admin that we hired to replace me went out and bought herself a desk that well is entirely too small for an admin to work at.) When I went back money was tight, so I didn't get one, as we were planning the move, my boss asked if wanted his desk and chair, I hope he didn't expect me to say NO, because hello, I did. Well they are both (and his monitor - it was bigger and my vision is not so great) are nicely settled into my new home (as I call it). So all is well there and we are up and running. Grace however does not have her own room now, so she is back and forth from my room to the kitchen. I really need to start looking for a daycare, but honestly that just freaks me out. I don't recall having so much of an issue when the boys were younger, was it because I was so young or because they always stayed with family either way, I'm not sure. Tom (my boss) says she can stay there but I know its the right thing for her.

My oldest son Brandon who moved out months ago, has now gotten an apartment with Lyndsey and another friend. They moved in yesterday, I haven't seen it yet, so I need to do that.

The Superbowl is tomorrow, I always vote for the team with the cutest Quarter Back, yes you heard me right!!!!! So I'm not sure yet who that is. Chris, Erin and the boys are coming over.

I couldn't resist showing you all this picture. I was at the computer when I looked up and saw this, we had not been home long from dance class.

I'm planning to take her to the skating rink soon, I loved to skate as a child. I learned when I was about her age, and would go every weekend. It has to be good exercise and I really need that! So its a win win situation.

For all of you adoptive moms out there, I know you cant see it in the pics and I don't know if I've posted before. But Grace gets these bumps, looking at them you would think bug bites. We've been going to the doctor since she she came home. We finally took her to a dermatologist and they did a biopsy, we are still waiting to hear from them, but in the mean time I was wondering if any of your kids from China have had any similar bumps.
Calling all crusiers or if you'd like to be:
Now here is Royal Caribbeans Newest Ship coming out this year. As you can see on my sidebar, I'm planning my next vacation. This year we have a graduation and next year we have a wedding so we're (by we're, I mean ME) looking at June 2011 (right around Graces 7th birthday - she loved that Christopher's birthday was at Disney, and said she wanted to wake up there for her birthday, well sweetie Disney is not really a vacation for mommy so this will have to do) so anyway, any of my blogging buddies out there want to join us, let me know, I'd love to have you join us, and this ship is big enough you would have plenty of room to do what ever. (by whatever I mean you wouldnt be stuck with us) the more the merrier

Isnt she a beauty!!!!!!!!!!

Well I've rambled long enough, work to be done, I hope you all have a very nice week!



Kristin said...

You have certainly had a week, haven't you? Whew. Good thing it's over. :-)

I hope the school search goes smoothly. It's nice that you can take Grace to work with you now. That's a perk!

Good luck with the cruise plans. We haven't ever been on one but my parents have been on lots!

Lila's mom said...

Hey Peggy

What do Gracie's look like? We brought Lila home in July and she had them after a trip to the derm. they said it was Molluscum(sp?) and it is a viral skin infection that kids get and can stick around for up to 1 year!!!! Unfortunatley it's mostly isolated on her face so there arn't and safe meds !! I wish it would go away already!!! So yes we are suffering with skin issues also