Saturday, January 3, 2009

This was suppose to be a day of work (job work) but I cant concentrate to save my life.

We have our living room back, we left her table there.
We moved Pauls roll top desk back to our bedroom and put her kitchen where it was.

I've watched the (what has become the Annual) tree burning ceremony. I wish I had my camera to show you a pic, I thought of it after the smoke went down. It always amazes me how fast that thing lights up, and I do keep water in it. I can see how when a tree catches on fire in a home, I can understand the destruction it will cause. We are very careful, I never go to sleep with the lights on. Fire always scares me.

I love keeping up with and reading all my blogging friends blogs, and even those I'm not "friends" with, guess that makes me a lurker, I just read on those and don't comment. I'm always amazed at some who have the perfect home, they look like they should be in a magazine. I WAS NOT blessed with any type of decorating skills at all. Our home is and has always been very simple, come in kick your feet up type. And now its been reduced to the princess tea set attached to something via the jump rope. I love it, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I just downloaded the rest of the Christmas pics from that evening. Thought I'd share.

This was Grace as the family arrived for Supper that evening

Look at that sweet face.

I think this one is going to be one handsome young man, I image him being the all star high school football player. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
We drew names this year. I got Hunter (who opened it before I knew it) and Noah. I think Noah like the paper.
Grace got a doll, coloring book and crayons.
As much as I love Christmas, I'm glad to finally have it over. Ready to settle into a somewhat normal routine. I've got to find a balance. It takes me an hour to get home in the evening from work, so if I stay till 5 it's 6 by the time I get home, never mind finding time to cook and get Grace ready for bed. Like I said, I gotta find some routine.

My baby boy will finish school (insert prayer here) this year.

Gracie will start school, that should be interesting. But before school comes around, I need to find her a daycare over the next couple of months. I hope she adjusts ok to that.

Well as we all start back to regular work schedules this week, I hope yours go smoothly, I'm afraid to think of the next two and half weeks.

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Lila's mom said...

Hey Peggy

I love that someone esle can admitt that they keep up wigth virutal stranger's blogs. For me yours is one of the very few!! Happy new year and Grace is just beautiful to see and watch grow!! Jen