Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wow, it really looks like a girl lives in this house.....

Well I've been sick with the flu since the day after Christmas. It just doesn't want to go away. I've been trying to take it easy in hopes of being well before going back to work on Monday. Actually I have several hours of work to do from home today, so that I'm not so far behind.
But yesterday, with the help of PaulPaul and a friend of his (my dear son had a list of things he was given to be done a week ago and the list was still undone - I'm too easy on the boy). Anyway, we got the tree down, and all the Christmas stuff put up. We've moved Gracie's toys to the playroom (was once a dining room, now its my office/Gracie's playroom). Everything fit very nicely. Paul was able to pick up the furniture for Gracie's room that Tom gave her. Sunday he is suppose to paint the room. He may try painting her bed white to match the set that Tom gave her. That was all that was missing.
My house is now clean except for my laundry, which I hate doing.
Its my hope to have her room done tomorrow and to get her to sleeping up there in the coming week. She is so excited about it. Up and Down, she shows everyone. We have enough pink here and all the girly toys, I just love it. I love watching her have tea with her life size doll and her Pooh bear. Poor bear, she pulls the chair out and puts his mouth on the table and then pushes the chair up so he cant move.

Well I guess I need to get starting on my work, I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!! Did I tell you the four of us were sound asleep when the new year came in.

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Teresa =) said...

Peggy -

Meggie and I were AMAZED at Gracie's haul for Christmas this year!! My goodness, you've set the bar high for the future! Your family room looked like Toys 'R Us!!!

I have so enjoyed keeping up with Gracie's everyday life through your blog! Get better and keep posting those pictures!!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Teresa =)