Sunday, January 4, 2009

A few pictures of the kids from last night. They were chasing each other around the room.

Hiding under the fort, on a mission.

Just a quick post, I may not have much time over the next week. The thought of the amount of work just scares me. Being sick on top of the holidays has caused a "pileup" if you will!

I did work most of today while the guys painted Gracies room. They left after talking with Helen this morning to go to Lowe's for paint. The hubby didnt want me to go, he knew I would take forever in picking out a shade of pink. I asked for a pale pink. Grace has been so excited, all week long she has talked about her "old" room (not sure why she says that). While she was taking a bath tonight, she even asked if her "mommy, daddy, sunsun and jojo" could come and see her room, referring to her China family.

Grace has a cherry bed and nightstand. If you remember Brandon was living at home when Grace came home, so we made a corner in our room for her. Well Grace was given some nice pcs of furniture, they are white, along with the whole bed setting (for a full size bed) and curtains (in purple). It was my thought (MY thought!!!) that she would have a mixed up room for awhile (a year or so) then we could paint the room a light shade of purple. Now the hubby wants to hang the curtains NOW instead of just hanging the blinds that we bought a long time ago. He is not big on matching, not big at all. We'll see how it turns out in the end. We still need to do something with the floor, the carpet needs to be replaced, I'd like to put wood down, we need some things for the wall and she should be set. I need to move her clothes up there. She is very excited, I told her I need to get a gate for the top of the stairs (which she calls a bridge) before she sleeps up there. I'm afraid she may get up to come to us and fall down the stairs, they are steep. Hunter boy took a tumble yesterday.

Here are some pictures of her room so far: What do you think?

I like the pink much better than I thought I would when it was going up. It still needs some work, but at least she has a room now. Only if we can get her out of our bed. We left all of her toys in the dining room, oops the play room. So her time will be spend downstairs.
Have a great week,


Kristin said...

Oh doesn't Gracie's room look sweet?? We haven't painted anything in our new (three years now) house. It sure does change the look of a room. Maybe we should think about that.

I totally understand needing to put a gate up on the stairs. I worried about that a lot when the girls were small. I still do!! Especially if your room is downstairs.

I hope you have a great week as you head back to work. :-)

Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

It looks great! I'm sure Gracie loves it!

Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

PS. you get a picture tag. Go over to my blog and see. I would have given you the Lemonade Award too but you have so much on your plate right now I didn't want to overwhelm you! Take if you want to though, 'cause you deserve it!

Colleen said...

The room is adorable!!! our Livi's room is pink!!! It kind of grows on you after awhile LOL. Gracie is just beautiful!!!!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

Carrie said...

I love it!