Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year/School/PaulPaul

Yes I know this has already passed. We took Grace to the local FCC (Families with Chinese Children) Chinese New Year Celebration last week (At least I think it was last week).

Grace Ready to go.

It was held at a local Chinese Restaurant. I did finally get to meet Chelsea and Anne who also have adopted. It was so nice talking to them. I recognized Chelsea and her crew immediately. Those kids are just as cute as they are in their pictures. Claire is doing so well walking.

The Gour Family Signing In

The Craft Table

I loved seeing all the little girls there from China, they were all so beautiful. Paul asked me if I had plans to go back for a sister for Grace. UH NO! I don't think we could afford another one. We can and will take her back when she is older, but adopt another one, I don't think I have the strenght or health for it.

When we told Grace we were going, her first question was "Are you going to leave me" so that tells you, my sweet little girl does still have concerns over being left again. Poor Baby. Once I assured her again, that she was stuck with me and her Daddy, that this is her home FOREVER and EVER, she seemed ok, she then wanted to know if she were going to school. No Baby, not yet.

However once we got there, she would not sit at the craft table. Here is a picture, so you can get the generally feel she thought about being there.

Grace's Craft! She was very proud of it.

We did win a door prize. They were waffle sticks. And they were very good.

Grace was asleep on the way out the door, they even gave all the kids a red envelope with a dollar which is a tradition in China for the new year.

School Note
I did finally talk to the school, they will be doing testing the first couple of weeks in March. So please pray that Grace gets in. She is good with the Capital letters but not the lower case. She can count but does not recognize all of the numbers. Work to be done over the next two weeks.

Do you ever wonder what your kids are doing when you are not around. Well I downloaded my pics from the camera (oh and FYI, I have pics of mclaurns party on my camera, the stooge that I am didn't have my card in the camera so they are on the hard drive and I cant locate the cord, it was a DUH moment!!) sorry back to Paul Paul. I downloaded the pics and look here!

A boy and his truck (well not his yet)

On another note, we've been invited to attend an upcoming fundrising dinner for Half the Sky at the Daniel Island Club on March 1st. I'm very excited.

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Kristin said...

What a fun FCC day! And how cool to meet new families/kids. :-)

I hope the school interviews go well. Will be anxious to hear an update!

Happy Valentine's Day!