Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Pictures and Thoughts from the week

My Very Long Stressful Week:
We were on our way to work, (twice this week I was there at 7am - and there until 6 at least twice) I turned around to check on her and this is her pose. She rides like that alot, and I happened to have the camera with me.
By her look, you can tell she didn't want me to take the picture.
As promised, pics from my new home, oops I mean office.
This is Paul's desk.
And here is mine.

And what office room is complete with out toys???

And here is my cork board, can you see the picture on there.
oops, i had to remove that picture, if you enlarged it, there were details that should not have been posted.

How about this, you can even see I've wrote the date on it. You would think my husband would have noticed by now?????? See, now he cant say he wasnt notified of our upcoming vacation. :) :) :)
Just a random picture of Baby Noah. This child's head is made of stone, be very careful when going to give him a kiss. He finds it funny to headbutt you.

I finally heard back from Gracie's test. They are some type of bugs. However there are 80,000 different types of bugs, (did you know that - that's about 79,900 too many). She has called in a daily med, actually two of them. And she said not to let her outside without bug spray!!!! Oh joy. Good thing, I was planning on her being a dancer.

Grace, PaulPaul and I are all fighting some type of cold/flu, which makes for so much fun. My boss told me I had better not be getting sick again!

I've got to go cook a cake, my daddy is coming over for his birthday tonight. Maybe I'll find the strenght to clean some also.

Tomorrow we are (health permitting) attending our very first FCC (families with Chinese Children) event. I'm really excited.

And next Saturday, 10 months after bringing my baby home, we're planning on leaving her overnight for the first time. Its valentines, so Paul and I are planning on going off for the night, not so far that we couldn't get home quickly if we needed to. So say a prayer for PaulPaul, he and Grace have gotten pretty close, so it should be fine.

Yesterday, we went to Walmart and Paul had left the back seat up in the back of the van, I was trying to put it down and I said outloud, I'm gonna kill him! Grace said, Who Momma? I said PaulPaul, she got so upset, but Momma, "He's my Brother"!!!! IT WAS THE CUTEST THING!!!!

Well I've rambled enough, have a great weekend.

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