Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gracies first night away from us

Turned out ok. When it came time to go, she got very clingy and didn't want me to leave, but after about 20 minutes I calmed her down. At this point I wasn't sure we would make it all night.
Our wait for a table was one hour!!!!!! I did talk to her once or twice more that night. By the time she got up this morning and was calling me, we were pulling into the drive way.
She had a good time. Her PaulPaul and Caleb went to Walmart where she got her Ka-Lin movie. They then went to Ryan's to eat dinner with some Friends. Paul said she woke up around midnight, but went back to sleep.
So it all worked out really well.
Hope everyone had a very Happy Valentines Day!


Carrie said...

My husband found this really neat-o Bamboo plant growen it a heart-So that was really sweet to wake up to! I am glad you and the hubby got away for the night.

Kristin said...

How great that it all worked out. Gracie had time with her big brother; mom and dad had time alone. We hope to try that this spring once Katie turns 18. :-)

Donna said...

Glad you had a night out! We did too, with our oldest (13) watching them all. Nice not to have to pay a sitter for a change! The post where Gracie asks if you're going to leave her...that broke my heart. Lainey can't communicate very well yet, but I always wonder what she's thinking in that head of hers. I know those questions, etc. are coming one day.