Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stuck like Glue

Again, it is such a good thing that my DH does not read my blog! As you know Grace is still sleeping with us, but that's ok, we've decided it more important for her to be safe than for us to have a peaceful night of sleep. Poor Paul Ray, Gracie is literally stuck to him at night. When I woke this morning, this is what I found. And this is her actually giving him space. Yesterday, he was half off the bed. My back and side have hurt all day, I think she may have kicked me at some point last night!

You have also figured out, I take terrible pictures. I've been wanting to get a picture of Brandon and Lyndsey. Well he hates taking pictures as you can see, but what a great pic of her, I just love that smile.

She is always happy to see Brandon. (She sees Lyndsey every day at work) I still don't think that she understands he doesn't live at home anymore. He's been gone two weeks, but so far, he has come home each Sunday for dinner.

I just had to stop and play hide and seek with Grace and her daddy! It took her time or two to catch on, but she got it.

Life is Good.

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Kristin said...

oh that looks like anna grace and her daddy in bed!! i totally underbstand. :-)