Monday, September 15, 2008

Grace had what I thought was her last immunization appointment today, not sure why I thought that. She goes back in three months and then one more after that. Dr. E was so nice to her and tried to talk to her but she was having none of that. I had changed her appt from a nurse visit to a regular appt so I could talk to him about the bumps she gets and what bug bites do to her. He said I should give her benedryl whenever she has a bite. After we caught up on the kids and he checked her the nurse came in. My poor baby, the nurse had to help me get her pants off, she was screaming and crying, its hard to hold your child down knowing it hurts, but I know its for her own good.
She weights 36 lbs, so she has only gained 3 lbs since her very first appointment.

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LyndseyLou said...

wow only three lbs!!!!

i guess thats good, idk

i like oldies > minnie mouse costumes, lol after seeing the adult ones

def not nice to do that to a disney character