Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday'SSSSSS

September is a busy birthday month for me. My moms birthday is on the 13th and I forgot it! OOPS!! I didn't really forget it, I remembered on Monday, and had planned to cook dinner, but my week got so busy, I put in a LOT of hours that week, that by the time Saturday got there, I was exhausted and forgot. And my mom would rather let me forget and how do I say, not forgive later than just remind me.

It is also my Boss's birthday! Lyndsey and I decorated his office, and Grace met him at the door with a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR TOM and a hug!

It is also my best friend's Bonny's birthday and her mothers is two days later.

Every year, for as long as I can remember Bonny and I go to breakfast for each others birthday. We also started taking her daughter Ashlee a few years back and so today, Grace went on her first birthday breakfast with us.

We ate at the new IHOP and then on to the mall. Aunt Bonny also bought Grace a very pretty dress from my favorite store, Gymboree. She also got a coloring book, after I told her no. Hmmmmm, do you think she might be spoiling her a little.
Ashlee Gail, Grace & Aunt Bonny

Ashlee Gail & Grace

Newest Outfit

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Kristin said...

very cute outfit! so glad you had better luck shopping than we did. I hope it's not cold next week or we're up a creek!!!