Monday, September 15, 2008

Halloween, What do we wear?

As you know we'll be at Disney for Halloween. I had planned on dressing Grace as Minnie Mouse, and I wanted to dress the same. However, all of the adult Minnie's seem a little (how do you say) less lady like!
OK, SERIOUSLY, how do you do this to a DISNEY character, Gimme a break!

This is the best (Lady Like) one that I found and I don't really like it! And I know there is no way I could get Paul Ray to be Mickey, and Little Man is going to be a transformer thing!

I LOOOOOOOVE the movie Grease, it's one of my all time favorites. Look at these adorable costumes.

And they would be comfortable for walking around. And I could take Paul Ray a pair of blue jeans, he could roll the bottom up, a white Tshirt and maybe find him a light black leather jacket to wear. I don't think he would fuss tooooooo much about that, and it is for Gracie, so it might just work.

So what do you think?

And does anyone know, I guess we need to take something to put candy in?????????

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preppy little dress said...

what fun, i love the outfits from the 50's!