Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where ever you find Gracie, usually not too far behind you'll find at least one dog. She has really come around to Neli and Peanut. This was the outfit she put on early one morning while I was working.

And did I say, how much she loves Make up. I have explained that we can never go outside the house with makeup on.
She loves bubbles. Notice she is on the porch with no shoes.

She loves making brownies, and has learned that licking the bowl is fun. Her PaulPaul has showed her how to get the most out of the bowl.
The boys came over last Sunday.
Gracie is not happy because there are a few pics of dirt in her water.
Not sure what he is teaching her. We really need a big pool.
And dear sweet Hunter. No pool for him, he prefers the water on the ground.

Yep, the dirtier the better. He is just too cute for words, but yuck Hunter Boy.

And here is Noah baby, or as I call him Fat Boy. Look at that smile.

More brownies.

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C&A said...

Oh my I love the Daddy's little red neck bib!
Doesn't Gracie look so cute with the make up on-The girls are always putting that stuff on over here-to bad you don't live closer!