Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a quick laugh

I have to tell you all a very funny story (well kinda embarrassing for mommy). Gracie and I have our routine down for getting our baths and getting dressed. Well this morning, after lotion and brushing teeth, I slipped her dress on and told her I would get her some undies in just a minute, all the white ones were in the dryer. Well I went on to do her hair and finish some other things. I didn't think any more of her undies. We got to my office, and she never sits like a lady so who knows who all noticed. She told me she had to go potty, can you image my horror to discover I took my princess out without them. I had to laugh, it was that or cry. Needless to say we left and got her properly dressed.

I thought you could all use a laugh.


C&A said...

That is so funny! Miss M when we first got home forgot to put under wear on all the time-it freaked me out one day when she bent over in church and her butt came out of her pants with nothing to cover it!Needless to say I passed over the class to my DH and ran home with her to get underwear laughing and crying all at the same time she was a bit freaked out to and she always has put them on after that!

Kristin said...

Oh that is too funny! We haven't had that experience but...after the girls bath at night, my husband doesn't have Anna Grace put on a pull-up right away. She is not night time dry but if she wears a pull up too early, she tends to be lazy about going potty. Anyhow, he just has her put on her jammie pants witn no underwear. He calls it "going commando". Chalk that one up to the Army life!

Christian & Heather said...

Grace looks so happy and not at all spoiled for her birthday. She really looks like she is fitting in well and I am so happy for that. She is so beautiful!!!

Christian & Heather said...

Okay so my first comment did not post but we just wanted to say that Grace is beautiful and we are so glad she is doing well.
The first week that we left Will with my mom, I only had four diapes in the bag because I kept forgetting to refill. Well, lets just say that Will had one of those days and she called me panicked because she was out of diapers. I got there with more to find Will in a pink receiving blanket gathered at the front with a garbage twist tie. That was a picture!!!