Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We need another gate, and the ones that would fit this opening just cost too much money, so we had to get creative to keep both the dogs out. So Gracie will play while I work.

She kept telling Neli to move, "Move Neli MOMMY" I had to finally tell her to just go and I'm sure Neli would move. She will touch Neli and is ok with her, but she does not want Neli to touch her, Go Figure.

I took the sheets off my bed to wash them and before I could get them back on, Gracie crawled up and went to sleep, Paul Paul came home and climbed in bed with her. Guess who wont be ready for bed tonight.

She fell out of the bed the other night, YES, she is still in our bed. She is all over the place, you cant get a good night's sleep with her in the bed. I started telling her, she is a big girl and she needs to start sleeping in her bed. I made the mistake of telling her, ok, when you turn 4 you'll be a big girl. So now when I say, You need to sleep in your bed, she says When I'm four (actually she holds up four fingers). I keep telling her she will be four next Tuesday, so lets see how that goes. And it's not like she is going that far, her bed is in our room.

She was however, a VERY BIG GIRL yesterday, she had to go back to the dentist for some work, she sat there for him to work on 5 teeth, no medicine at all. She was sooooo good, I'm so proud of her. Dr. Condrey kept saying how good she was. She did what he told her too, she is such a brave little thing.


C&A said...

congrats on the dentist-Mj had to be out out!

~~ said...

Awwww.. let that baby sleep in your bed! I promise when she is in college she will finally br sleeping in her own. ;) She is so adorable!