Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Triple Crown Mania!!!!!!!

What I wouldn't do to be at this horse race!!!!!! This is one good looking horse, and if he shows up like he did in his last two races we'll have a Triple Crown Winner. You can bet Gracie and I will be watching come this Saturday afternoon.

We live a simple life but, however, there are lots of places I would love to visit and things I would like to do, but the 2 at the top of my must do are: 1. Cruise the Queen Mary (for my 50th birthday) and 2. Attend the Kentucky Derby. And lets not forget since we have a little one again, we have to go to Disney World, and some how I'm sure we'll get there before I get to the other two.

Go Big Brown

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C&A said...

Disney is on our top list of things once MJ is talking more!