Sunday, June 29, 2008

I took Gracie is a baby shower yesterday and only stayed about 30 minutes. She had her arms locked tight around my neck and wasn't letting go.

We took her to Church last night and try to see if she would go to her class, but that wasn't happening either. I guess its time to try and start leaving her a little at a time.

She really enjoys the singing at Church, she claps and really likes it. It was the 4of July service, and they said the Pledge of allegiance. I found myself in tears as I put Gracie's hand over her heart for her first one. It was a very nice service. Paul and I are going to start going and staying in her class until she is ok with being there by herself.

At this very moment she is dancing with the doodlebops. Life is good.

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C&A said...

I let MJ come with us into Church-She gets extra hugs cause the other kids are in Childrens Church!