Monday, June 9, 2008

Making Friends With Neli. She wants to ride Neli like a horse, it is too funny. She is too heavy for her so we have to hold her weight up off her back. I told her to give Neli a kiss and she was "Slowly" making her way to her when Neli lifted her head, I've never seen Grace move so fast. She yells at Neli all the time and the poor thing just takes it and keeps coming back. I bet they'll be best friends before the summer is out.

I doubt she'll be making friends with Peanut Ever, he actually bit her last night. I think she stepped on him by accident and she is ok, but it did scare her. He's old and crazy.
Meet Indiana Jones!!!!!

That's right, little man is now Indiana Jones, notice he even has a whip!We went to meet Randy & Christy's baby girl. Isn't she too cute?

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C&A said...

What about Big Blue?
Grace your a cutie!