Friday, May 30, 2008

Theres not much to post about in our lives, they are pretty boring at the moment. Our days consist of me trying to do my work=work (my job that I do at home), while not allowing Miss Princess to watch too much TV. You try explaining to her just WHY what she would like to see is not on at that moment. She just keeps handing me the remote like, fix it.

It was quiet one afternoon while I was trying to work and I went to check on her, the TV was off and she was sound asleep!

When the weather is nice, we go outside for an hour or two. She loves to sit and play in the pool, but you better pay attention or else you'll have a cup of water in your lap.

She is getting better with the dogs, she is forever the caregiver. She lets them outside, she lets them inside, she lets them outside, you get the picture! I now hear myself saying, Close the Door! She feeds them, and if you dont watch her, she'll give them her food. She wants Peanut (who is old and grumpy) to be her lap dog, and that AINT happening. She still doesn't want Neli to touch her, and this dog will be her faithful companion, especially if PaulPaul should leave. When we're outside, Neli is never too far away. No matter how many times she yells at her, Neli is still right there. She is the sweetest dog. I found her asleep at the foot of my bed yesterday morning when I went to check on Gracie while she still asleep.

Rare bonding moments

Rock Star Dog

just a matter of time before she tries to put clothes on her I'm sure

Rock Star Baby

Last night, Gracie was ready for bed, and came to get me, I was having a snack and trying to finish some things up for work-work (house work has fallen to the side). So she took my snack and went to the kitchen, I kept hearing the bag crinkle and thought its late for you to be eating, so I went to check on her, and this is what she was doing!

Those bags aren't cheap you know!

As you can see she has started picking out her own PJ's, and they do not match.

Paul Ray has been working so much lately that his little girl doesnt get to see him very much and that is really not good. They have opened two stores since we've been back from China, plus one in a bilo and two more will open this Saturday in a Bilo. Hopefully things will settle down soon, I sure hope so.

He also will be out of town (Boston) the week of her birthday, he leaves Sunday and comes back on Friday. That wont be good, he did however buy me a camera for my laptop so Gracie will still be able to see him and talk to him.

Then in July he will be gone for two weeks, but my boss is going to fly me and Graice out to stay with him for a week so she will only miss him for 4 days.

Anybody live near the Dania Beach area in Fl?

This will be our home for a week, after 16 days in 3 hotels, this should be easy, and Gracie should be right at home.

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