Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Visit with Dr. Etheridge

Grace went to see Dr. Etheridge, her pediatrician, today. Lets just say it went as well as could be expected.
She has not been going to bed very well for the last week and then wants to sleep in late in the morning. Our appt was at 10, so sleeping in could not happen today. She is not a very happy person if you wake her up, her majesty likes to wake on her own.
I got her up ok, she then didnt want the eggs I had fixed her for breakfast, go figure. We got her all dressed and ready and walked into the dr's office at 959 am! Nothing like being on time.
They called us back within 10 minutes. She was still ok and being the brave girl that she is, we were good. We took her weight, height and blood pressure, still all good.
Weight 33 lbs puts her in the 50th percentile of her age group (which is right) four in June
Height 40 1/2 inches tall, puts her in the 90th percentile. So she is tall!!!!!
We could not get a urine sample, so that came home with us. After the nurse left our room, I could tell she was fixing to cry, and cry she did, she was scared to death. I'm not sure if she thought I was going to leave her, or if she was unsure of what was to come. Most likely it was both.
Then Dr E came in. She would not speak to anyone. He checked her out, which she did ok for, she got upset when he had to check under her clothes, which is normal for her.
We went over his game plan to get her caught up on her immunizations, lab works and what doctors she needed to see.
She has a cavity he suggested we take care of now, instead of waiting. He would like to send her to ENT just to double check her hearing, which is fine I'm sure.
She has already been to the eye doctor. So the only thing left was for the nurse to come back and give her her shots. When Paul and Brandon were little, if they cried getting shots, you can bet I cried too, well I'm happy to say, at my old age and having another little one, nothing has changed, she cried so hard and held on tight around my neck, and I cried with her.
Once the nurse left, it took me a few minutes to calm her down. We go for lab work tomorrow, oh boy that should be fun. We have to return to Dr. E's office on Fri for them to read the TB test they did. I bet she does not go in peacefully!!!!!!

Dr E said that she should like him about the time she turns six!!!

Sorry no pics from today

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