Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

So much love for one beautiful child.

It was my first Mothers Day with a little girl! She was the best gift ever! I got up around 730 to get some coffee and check my email, when I found my first gift of the day. My sweet baby boy, Brandon got me a computer bag for my laptop. He knew I wanted one, he's going to make a really sweet husband one of these days.

We started our day by talking to Helen on the computer for awhile, actually I think it was two hours. We then had to get ready for lunch at Aunt Donna's house.

My dear hubby gave me a card, that said, take a nap and take it easy today, and then you open it up and it said, hahahahahahaah, yeah thats my Dear Hubby. Gracie gave me a card also, Paul tried to get her to right her name, she wrote the G and that was it! Little Miss Princess is having an attitude these days.

Gracie likes Aunts Donna's dog, Angel. Hmmm, wonder if her daddy will buy her a tiny little dog???????

It was then time to come home and cook dinner for my mom.

So all in all it was a nice day. Gracie did have an episode in her sleep, she started crying like she was having a melt down, but she never really woke up. Welcome back to Motherhood.

She also has a really nice fever blister! And I'm still no where near having a routine down yet, its been 4 weeks already. You'd think we'd be set by now.

This last picture I took earlier in the week, Gracie is giving her brother a hard time.


Teresa =) said...

Peggy -

Happy Mother's Day! LOVE the pics of Gracie...especially the "attitude" pic with her big brother!!

What an absolute doll!! Has she lost her glasses already? I remember seeing them in pictures, but not anymore. Oh, the joys of motherhood, huh?!

Teresa =)

Carrie&Aaron said...

Happy Mothers day-she is so cute!