Friday, May 9, 2008


Thats right, my sweet beautiful baby girl told me NO! Not her Chinese No, but plane out NO! I had told her to pick up her toys, and she said NO. Now at first I thought I misunderstood, ok, maybe she's not sure what she is saying. Oh yes, she was sure, uh I dont think so little one. I guess it's time to make sure she understands everything. Being the good girl that she really is, she decided to help pick up her toys.

I had to take her yesterday to have blood work done, lets just say it didnt go any better than the visit the day before.

Today, Friday, I had to take her back to Dr. E's office so he could read the TB test, just a quick nurse visit. Well she remember the parking lot and did not want to get out. We got inside and she continued to protest being there.

Nurse #1 comes out to the waiting room, they just need to look at it. Which gets the Princess upset. She says I need to have another nurse look at it. Ok, no need to panic.

Nurse #2 takes us out of the waiting room to look at it in the hall, Grace decided she was really unhappy and the tears began. She decides we need someone else to look at at.

Takes her to the nurse station, well you would have thought they had slapped my child.

Nurse #3 comes and decides lets have a doctor to look at it. Well now I'm panicked and Gracie is getting worse by the minute. By this time she is in a full panic and extremely upset, no calming her now.

Finally the nurse says, I'm going to close this door so the doctor will know to come in, oh you mean you dont want to hear her scream or scare everyone else.

Once Dr E comes in, there is no talking to her and I was beyond ready. He, being the sweet man that he is, tried to talk to her. He then looked at it, and said it was a reaction but that is all.

Whew! Needless to say when we go back in two months her baba is going with us.


Special K said...

That's funny. Micah said no to us in English from day 1! He rarely said it in Chinese. He hates doctors too. It sounds like your visit was quite an adventure.

Carrie&Aaron said...

MJ was negative-I am glad to hear yours too was negative.