Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gracies Week

Gracie and I spent most of the week at home. We did go to the office on Thursday for about an hour and a half. She did really well.

Lyndsey came by to see her one night. She bought her the cutest little sundress and a doll (remember the paper dolls we had a child, kinda like that, but it is wood with magnetic clothes). Lyndsey said maybe it will help Gracie to dress the dolls, because every doll she gets, she wants to undress.
You Guessed It
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Down Came the rain

And Washed the spider out

Saturday, Miss Gracie went to the hunting club with her baba. I must say it was weird watching them pull off, and honestly I didnt think she would go, let alone stay gone from me for three hours, but she did. I guess she is still a daddys girl.

Look at that smile!

This is the outfit that Ms. Liz and Bettyann gave to Gracie. I thought it was perfect for her first visit to the hunting club.

A girl has to have a bag and a friend where ever she goes.

As you can see Paul Ray is sick of taking pictures. But he cant tell his baby girl no.

Making sure she gets buckled in properly.

We then watched the horse race. Afterwards, Gracie and I went to my parents so she could eat fish stew with my daddy, YUCK! She however loves it. Gross! I'm told I ate anything he did when I was a child, but I dont believe it for one minute. Tomorrow, they are cooking her corn on the cob and chicken.

Smile Peanut,
She is sitting next to him, I didnt think she would,
but she found it funny that Peanut would take a picture

Please No More Pics

Really, Mom I've had enough