Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Ends and School Starts

Well Summer has come to an end, and 16 months after being home, my baby girl is ready to use her wings and fly off to school.

She loved staying with Ashlee Gail and it was a great adjustment for both of us. She spent the first 14 months with me, every day, and I think it was harder for me than for her.

Here she is last Friday at Dawsons birthday party with Cici (spelling???) they will both be in K4 at the same school, there are only two K4 classes and wouldn't you know they are in different classes. Isn't she cute as can be.

Grace had so much fun at the party, it was at the county park.
Her last week with Ashlee. Special Breakfast.

Making cupcakes.
Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes!

Their first picture together. My, how they have changed.

Well last Thursday we had meet the teacher night at school First, we were in Chapel, and let me say the Head Master is a Basketball Couch type, tall and loud. Grace knows you have to be still and quiet. After about 5 minutes of him talking she turns to me and says" He's giving me a headache" OH MY!
Back to the class. When Grace tested back the first of the year a K5 teacher tested her, and I loved her instantly. I love her heart, she seemed so nice to me and I thought it would be great if Grace got her. I love how God works, don't you know who Grace's teacher is, yes, Ms. Wendy is now a K4 teacher! It put me at ease, and I was good until tonight anyway. Well out of 16 kids in her class I think there are 4 girls. Grace sits right next to her teachers desk. Before we left one little girl and her parents came over to say hi. They asked Grace her name, then Grace asked her, her name. The little girl replied, Empress, I said, Oh that is such a pretty name! Do you know what my sweet little girl said to the girl and her parents, BUT NOT AS PRETTY AS MINE! Yep, wanted to crawl in a hole right there. But in her defense, she has needed reassurance from day one and I know that is where it comes from. She is such a sweet child and I explained we don't want to hurt anyone feelings, so lets hope that doesn't happen again.
Yesterday, we went with Lyndsay and my mom to see Lynds wedding dress and to order the flower girl dress. Sorry you cant see it until March, but oh they are both beautiful.
I bought Grace a special book for tonight. (this is also the first night she has gone to bed with no tv on) We read The Kissing Hand, its a wonderful book for a child who is starting school. I am just hoping to get through tomorrow morning without being a blubbering fool.
Glad to report she fell asleep right away.

Here is the link to her prayers tonight.

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Carrie said...

Grace is so pretty! Well you shouldn't tell any other little girl they are pretty or their name is pretty-LOL! I almost choked on my donut when I read that one! Andrew is 4 and is like that I think it may be an age thing! He does want me to be proud of anyone but him! Should be fun adding Anna Grace to the bunch with his attitude!LOL!