Sunday, August 23, 2009

Deer Season

Don't worry I wont post the pictures.
As much as I don't like living in the woods, my dear hubby loves it here. He was a member of Yerby hunt club for years and sadly Mr. Yerby passed away this last year and unfortunately his family did not follow his wishes. Anyway, Paul has been hunting here since we moved a few years back. However this is the first year he did not join a club else where (which makes sense to me since he rarely went anyway). Hunting season started last weekend. He got a 6 point last week and this morning bright and early he got an 8 point, so I'd say NOT bad at all.
So at least we have meat in the freezer!
Happy Hunting to all you hunters out there.

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Carrie said...

Ok post the pictures if they are not all bloody! I love hunting and fishing and all that stuff it is fun!