Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Week of School

Well Grace had a Great First Week of School.

She got a sticker from her teacher everyday. By Tuesday, she knew her bible verse, it did take her a little longer to get the Book of the Bible, the chapter and verse number.

She has PE on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday is Library day, she was so hoping to get a book to check out. Maybe next week.

I know half her head is missing, but I loved the smile.

She had decided that she Loves Neli! This is a fact that does not make Paul Paul happy but oh well. She does want a small dog, maybe one day.

Poor Neli Girl, she takes whatever Grace may be doing to her. I'm sure it wont be long before she is dressing her up. She is just as sweet as she can be.

Thursday is Music Class. The girl came home signing a brand new song. She just amazes me. God has great plans for this child.

Friday is Cultural Arts. This class must not interest her at all, because I cant seem to get out of her what they did????

She had homework twice this week. She is learning all about Jesus and has had some really interesting questions. Sometimes I'm glad that Daddy picks her up, this means he gets the questions. She seems to be a sponge, she is just taking it all in.
Her teacher said she adapts well (in regards to her vision). She does look to the side, but she is able to answer questions and does not seem to have a problem. So again, thank God for that gift.
She starts Chinese school tomorrow. Once a week for 2 hours, and she seems to be really excited about it. Dance class starts on the first. Paul was wondering if maybe it might be too much. I reminded him, Idle minds!!!!! Lets keep her busy! Somewhere in there, we want her to learn the piano, we're hoping Santa will bring her a full size keyboard.
This weeks Bible Verse: Jesus said, Let the children come to me. Matthew 19:14
Her class is the busy bees, their theme:
Bee Safe, Bee Kind and Bee Responsible.
Phonics and Math this week: Letter I and Letter U short vowel sound. Math, how far can you count: She been counting around here all week. She can go to 100, but needs help here and there.
She got to go to the treasure box twice this week for being so good and following directions. She got to be line leader the first day. Her teacher said she is a joy and loves having her in her class. Well we love her teacher. So far I am so happy with the school. I hope that we will be able to keep Grace there and watch her grow and graduate in oh about 14 year. What is that, the class of 2024. Geeze, I'm old now, what will I be then.

Oh and did I mention, I have to find her a pair of shorts to wear under her dresses. She cant play on the slide unless she has something on. Paul said she needs to wear pants. I'm sorry, have you not seen her closet, it is mostly dresses.


Chelsea Gour said...

Looks like everybody had a great week!

Teresa =) said...

Wow...did you get that girl hair extensions?! Her hair is crazy long all of a sudden! Beautiful!!

Don't you just love seeing the excitement of learning in little ones?! Everyone asked me if I was going to cry when Meggie started Kindergarten all those years ago...uh, no! I just loved seeing her mind grow and blossom. (And, BTW, she also only had dresses in her closet. She used to cry every Friday when she had to wear pants/short because it was gym day!)

Teresa =)