Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School

Grace got to bed early last night, and her daddy went to get her up at 6 this morning. She was very quiet when she came down stairs, I was fixing her breakfast (my child loves to eat). Well she wouldnt eat, she got very clingy and wouldnt talk. This upset me more than I already was, she's only been home 16 months and now I"m sending her off to school for petes sake.

After brushing her teeth she was fine, back to being excited about school and ready to go. Her daddy and I took her together today. We got there early and hung out in the car. At 740 we took her in. We went in, she put away her bookbag and lunch box. She told me again about having my kiss in her hand and gave me a hug. We went over to her desk. She heard Ms Wendy say there was a coloring sheet on their desk to start with. I was kneeling next to her reminding her how everything would go today and about the after school program.

Here is mommy with tears in her eyes and my little girls leans over and gives me a kiss. She then says to us, Ya Can Go Now!!!! Well ok then. We were heading to the door and Ms Wendy asked if Grace was set, I said yes, she just told us to leave! She went over to talk to her and Grace started telling her about the Kissing Hand book we read the night before. Ms Wendy said well guess what, we are going to read that in class today.

They can do any school. I sent her the school link and a week later I got the bow back. It looks great!

Chinese School

We finally got something from them. Classes are Sundays at 130 at a church on James Island. I think they are 2 hours long. She will be attending the fall classes which run August 23 through December 20 with 2 Sundays off. One in October for the Mid Autumn Festival and then in November for Thanksgiving week. I"m thinking I should take that week off, she has the whole week off with NO school.

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