Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Florida

The first place we went (we went twice, which is no surprise if you know my husband) was the Bass Pro Shop. The only problem in going with him, is he never wants to leave.

Gracie loved the pool. She enjoyed staying on the steps. I didn't work any on Saturday, I spent the day playing with Gracie and Paul Ray. Saturday, we went to the pool for awhile.

This little girl showed up (by herself) right after we got in the pool. She was very friendly and stayed with Gracie and I in the pool (Paul Ray was in the hot tub at the time). I kept wondering ok, I'm sure her parents have to be close by, as it turns out, her mom works there, so I'm sure she goes in the water when other guest are there. Her mom came by every 15 minutes or so. The little girl says to me, "She looks Chinese"!We stayed at the pool until it got too crowded. Then we changed and went out exploring. We saw the sign Miami Dade, rode through a really nice section of houses, lots of nice boats. I was surprised that it was not crowded at all. Paul said he heard someone say it was the off season.

Ready for dinner Saturday night. We went to Outback, I was not happy with the service at all.
Sunday was Gracie's first trip to the beach. She was not too sure what to think of this. This was not what she was expecting.

She didn't like taking her shoes off, and she did not like standing on the edge of the water. She also didn't like walking from our towel to the water.

She did like being IN the water with her daddy.

Daddy's Girl

She wouldn't let Paul put her down. We ended up only staying about an hour and a half.

Sunday night around midnight, I discovered Gracie had a fever, and guess who didn't bring any medicine!!!!! Paul could not believe I didn't bring any after taking so much to China he said. By 2 am we were on our way to find a store, she was burning up. She stayed that way for over hours. It made our trip home not so nice.

Did you know Delta will charge you $80 for 7 lbs over. I only took one bag, we now know to take two. Needless to say I didnt pay it, I put some in my carryon which made the trip even worse. I ended up buying a $16 bag in the airport.

Sitting in the Atlanta airport, I was talking to a lady who lives in GC, she asked how long Gracie had been home, then where was she from. Then she says, I have a friend who is in China right now getting her daughter. She was talking about Penny, talk about a small world. On the flight home, we sat next to a very nice man, who asked if he could say a prayer for Gracie. He was very nice to her the whole flight and offered his help. I'm sure God answered his prayer, my baby girl woke up fine the next morning.

Here is a picture of Norah after being with her Mommy and Daddy a few days.

How Sweet

Congrats Penny & Shannon

She is beautiful

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