Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grace in Florida

Gracie and I arrived late but safe in Fl on Tuesday. Let me just say, my little girl did wonderful. Paul Paul took us to the airport, Gracie was excited to be going to see her daddy. The first flight started with no problems, (mind you - I've never had a flight delayed or any other problems), we were near the Atlanta airport like 10 minutes before we were suppose to land, when the captain comes on and says we are going to have to standby for about 10 minutes or so due to some windy conditions, ok No Problem. 10 minutes later, he comes on and we still cant land, ok, now I'm worried, we may miss our connecting flight (we had exactly one hour in Atlanta and I needed to get Gracie dinner). Another 15 minutes and he says we should be able to land, Great, we should just make it. He comes back and says, well we still cant land, but don't worry, we have enough gas to stay here 10 more minutes, and then we either have to land or move on to the Augusta airport, WHAT!!!! I hadn't worried about gas up until that point, great! Well we were finally able to land, and we had to RUN from B to E concord. My baby did an excellent job. I was carrying my laptop (yes I'm working), a backpack and carrying her baby and holding her hand. We made it to the gate at 10 minutes before it was supposed to take off, only to find the plane hadn't landed yet. So BACK down the long hall to get her dinner.
When Gracie saw her daddy, she starting squealing and running to him, it is so sweet. I'm not sure he even noticed I was there, or that I had a 50 lb suitcase and a car seat, HELLO!
We have really confused Gracie, she is a homebody and likes to be home. She asks for the boys and I say there are Home, she gets confused and then asks for Helen (our guide). Poor thing, I know she will be happy when we get home on Monday, not sure she will be happy about leaving her daddy. He'll come home on Thursday.
He has class during the day and I work, heck I work as much here as I do at home. I have to wonder if I wouldn't spend more quality time with her, if I actually went to the office every day.
Paul took her down to the pool on Thursday, I stayed and did work, they had been gone awhile so I went to check on them. She LOVES the pool! I guess we'll have to take her to Granddaddy's. Maybe we can get one is a few years.
We plan on taking her to the beach tomorrow, not sure what we are doing today.
This picture was too cute, I had to post. Gracie was playing with daddy, when she yelled take a picture, and as I did she put her hand on her hip.

Penny is now in Hong Kong, it is Saturday night there now, and she gets Norah on Sunday.


C&A said...

I wish I knew you were coming I would have came by to see you!

Kristin said...

Don't you just love the ATL airport?? We live in the area so we don't have any other choices!

Enjoy your time in Ft. Lauderdale. We love the area! We've visited a few times for dance competitions.

I'm enjoying seeing Grace blossom at home. She is such a sweet girl. :-)


~~ said...

Love that pic.~ little miss sassy... too cute!
so, I guess you use to running through airports with a child now.