Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Belated Fourth of July! On Friday, we went next door, my cousin had a HUGE cookout, alot of the family was there. It was the first time most of them have seen Gracie, and she still has alot more to meet. It was a nice HOT afternoon. Chris & Erin came with the boys and hung out until dark. They did fireworks next door, Hunter and Gracie were not impressed so only Christopher enjoyed them.
Oh and the biggest event of the day, My perfect little Princess who hates dirt, was playing in the dirt and going barefoot, yuck (I blame her Uncle Chris who she just adores)
I took Gracie to her first parade on Saturday. It was in our hometown. She seem to enjoy it after she got a pc of candy and a flag.

I still sometimes wonder if I'm dreaming.

It doesn't matter what she is doing, anymore she will yell, take a "pix ore" (to cute) for everything. She had Paulpaul take this one from upstairs.
And this one below, she was checking her water, and was leaning over when she had to have a "pix ore"
Her bangs are slowly starting to grow out.

And then there is this one, if PaulPaul or Brandon are doing laundry, she has to ride up and down the stairs. No flab in the arms around here.

I have discovered if any of the guys in this house fall asleep on the couch, she climbs up and goes to sleep. She wont nap with me, just everyone else.

Brandon went on his first plane ride last week, he's in no hurry to do it again. He did however have a good time. He and Lyndsey went to Nebraska to visit her mom. They were gone for a week. Lyndsey starts her new job on Monday. Good Luck Girl.

PaulPaul's senior pictures (proofs) just came in and they turned out AWESOME. Now I've just got to pay for them, along with his class ring. Ouch
We dropped Paul Ray off at the airport this afternoon, he is headed to Ft Lauderdale, Fl for two weeks, training for work. Gracie and I are headed out on Tuesday to join him for six days (compliments of my dear boss). I'm a little nervous, taking her on an airplane, just she and I. I'm taking all of her adoption paperwork, just in case there are any problems. I hope to take her to the beach. I've got alot to do before we leave.
Keep Penny & Shannon in your prayers, they leave this week to bring home Norah. I believe they get her on Sunday the 13th!


Teresa =) said...

Oh, your little American sweetheart is just too cute!! Love her stars-and-stripes outfit!!

I think it is ADORABLE that she naps with the boys...what a snuggle-bunny!

Love the "pix ores"!!

Teresa =)

C&A said...

What wonderful pic's!