Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Gift From China

Gracie got a belated Birthday gift from China yesterday. I went to the post office to pick it only to have to go back home and get something with her name on it. It was addressed to her! There was no way to explain to her that we would get it another day, she was so excited, but when I said it was a birthday gift, she became confused and started talking about her party. So after dinner, we had cupcakes!

Our dear friend Helen sent Grace and I each a necklace in a cute little purse/pouch for Grace.

Helen has become a very dear friend, we still have video calls with her. She is hoping to come to the US and visit us.


~~ said...

How exciting and amazing it came on her birthday! Gracie is beautiful.

Carrie said...

that is so wonderful-Helen asked us to stay in touch but I lost her email! you can give her mine or ask her if she remembers us!