Friday, June 17, 2011

sweet 16 and never been kissed..........

well I don't know if that is true, but my Sweet Ashlee Gail Compton did celebrate her Big 16 this year.  We went for our usual breakfast at Crackle Barrel and then what did she want to do??????  She wanted to go to the beach.   I sure hope she enjoy her big day, because we did.  We were very honored that she would want to spend her day with us.

We love you Ashlee Gail!!!!!!  I'm so glad that you are such a big part of Grace's life.   I know we are going to have so much on our "DREAM" vacation next summer.

What a great aunt!!!!!!!

On another note, Grace has been home four years now, I decided it times she becomes a real southerner and learns to love the beach.  We took her her first year home and she HATED it.  paul had to hold her the whole time.  she does like to go without shoes.

She cant go on a cruise with two beach days and dislike the beach.  so we bought a beach pass this year and are going regularly now, and I must say she is learning to LOVE it.

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