Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dance Recital

The last week of school (well really WEEKS) were hetic and crazy busy.  Friday was the last day of school.  I took a vacation day and went to school with Grace for field day.   Always fun!!!!  After school we had to go find Grace some shoes to wear to Mikeys Graduation the next day.    Then home to get the little beauty ready for her dance recital.  Did I mention it was three hours long, but I loved it.  Grace lasted till about 30 minutes before it was over and she crashed.

Dont you love that smile

Ashlee Gail applying even more makeup.....

Kiss Anyone?

 Ashlee Gail took this picture and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!  I did take her to have her pics taken, i'll post them at some point.

 Aunt bonny gets the biggest smile, Why? you ask, because her flowers always come with a great big ole lolipop.  I finally threw it out.  She would lick on it every day and kept it in the refrig.

eyes that disappear when she smiles so big.

                                         coming back after her performance to meet the moms.
some of the girls

thats alot of sass there

grace and her mama

 If her daddy looks tired its because he is.  Poor guy has been working alot lately, getting four stores remodeled in Wilmington and a new one open (just yesterday) in Florence.  He came straight from work, he had been out of town.
her favorite part, getting flowers.
We had fun at dance this year, I'm hoping she will take it serioulsy and want to do the competition team in a few years.   Next year we're going to do tap and jazz.

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