Friday, June 17, 2011

How can she be ready for 1st grade

it feels like she should just be starting K4.  This is her 4th year home and she is finishing up K5.  We had another great year at CA.  I love watching her form friendships that will continue for the next 12 years and beyound. 

She had her K5 Graduation on the Monday of the last week of school, and field day was Friday.  life has been a little hetic, which is why I'm so far behind in posting all of this.

the usual fireplace stand

Ms Whitney, so pretty

getting her certificate from Mr. Brown

how sweet

someone SLAP me if I ever want to cut my hair again, WHAT was I thinking.  YUCK

my cousins daughter was in Graces class this year, and his little boy will be in K4 next year

dont you love how Grace is standing next to Ms W.....

Empress, we will miss her.....

this is grace's dearest friend, HUNTER, she loves this little guy, and sadly he wont be back next year.  Really going to miss him
 But it was another Great Year.  Looking forward to a brand new year.

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