Saturday, November 7, 2009


boy, life does get in the way, its been two months since our last post. Lets try and do catch up.
Grace is Still LOVING school. I some how ended up being room mom. But I am enjoying it, however my life has really reached beyond the stress point. I'll post more on that in the next one.
We had our Harvest Party at school. did I mention how happy we are with where Grace is at. God planned it perfectly, and I am enjoying watching his plan with Grace unfold. Her teacher is truly another blessing.
Can you see their pumpkins?

This little light of mine

The Spider Song

We had a pizza party and all the kids loved it. They had plenty of food. Grace has gotten her first report card. She got all Exceeds and Meets. Maybe we can aim for all E's next time. And she is not as quiet as I thought she would be at school. She seems to have lots of friends, but her closest ones seems to be Shirya and HunTER. I type it that way, because that is how you say it according to her. She loves HunTER, he is a tiny little thing, and she treats him like a mother hen. Reminds me of Brandon and Devan.
I took her for a regular flu shot several weeks ago and it was like taking a different child to the doctor. She choose to get it in the arm and did not cry, she was such a big girl. I was so proud of her. We then got ice cream. Well this past week, we discovered she was missing one of her immunizations for school, so we had to go back for another shot, and she also got the H1N1 mist as well. Again, no tears, but she is quick. As soon as it was over, she got a hug, she says mommy can we get ice cream now, The nurse loved that. Yes baby girl, you can. Off to Sonics where she chose a hot fudge sundae with bananas. She ATE the WHOLE thing.
She is still in our bed a good bit, heck I cant lie, I don't remember the last time she slept in her bed. The other night I went to bed and they (her and her daddy) were already asleep, she was stretched across my side with her foot on her daddy's chest. I took a picture but cant post it because Paul Ray will kill me.
Hey, are you ready for Christmas!!!!!! I am, however it is going to be very tight around here, this is the first year we do not have a Christmas Club account.


Chelsea Gour said...

So glad that everything is going so well for Grace at school! That is exciting. I love her cheerleading pictures. Mine just want to play basketball. No cheerleaders. How's ballet going?

The Sharp Family said...

Thanks for updating! I really enjoy reading your blog and catching up! XOXO