Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baby Boy turns 24 and My Uncle Terry has s surprise party on the same day.

My baby boy has turned 24.

He has so much going on, and I am so proud of him. He is engaged and will be married on March 6. Mental note toself, dont forget the tissue.
They are in the process of buying a home and he is going to school full time on top of working.

Happy Birthday Brandon, I love you!

Lyndsey threw him a very nice birthday party.

For years I would buy the boys every Monopoly game that came out. It was unreal. I'm happy to say that Lyndsey is carrying on the tradition. She is going to make a very good mother one day, but NO hurry.

Grace is helping him open his gifts.

The Friday night before Paul Ray and I went to the Mercy Me concert, the band that opened before them was Fee. I got Brandon a shirt, cd and guitar pics for his Birthday.

His cake the Lynds got him.

This was his other gift from me. My boys love Cookie cake, one year for Brandons birthday, there was half a cake left of a very Large cake. His dear sweet brother ate every single bit of it without Brandon knowing it, so I hear about it all the time. So I wanted to make sure he would have cookie left over.

Random cute pic of Grace and her friend.
Growing up, I spent alot of time at my Uncle Terrys house. His daughter threw him a suprise birthday party.
Happy Birthday Uncle Terry, I love you.

My mom and Grace playing in the dirt. YUCK!

Grace being silly

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