Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Grace

Today is my baby's birthday. Can you believe this is the second one we are celebrating with her. We had McDonald's for breakfast this morning as a special treat. Her dad has to work late tonight, so I'll let her choose where we eat dinner. She was mad because PaulPaul didn't go to breakfast with her.
This time is just going so fast. She'll be starting school in August and we know how fast that time will go. It seems like the boys just started kindergarten last year and now look at them. They are grown, my oldest has already left the nest and started a life on his own, he'll be married in March. My youngest is wanting to go off to school, I'm just not sure I'm ready for both of them to be gone, even if Grace is still at home. I do love my boys, and yes I know I have to let go, but I'm still not ready. As a mother, are we ever ready? With any luck I'll be too old to know it when Grace leaves home.
I cant help but think about Grace's foster mom and birth mom today, how they must be feeling today. Did they think of her today? It breaks my heart to think about it, but at the same time, I'm so overjoyed and blessed that God choose me to be her mom. What a very special little lady she is.
So, Grace, my sweet baby girl, I love you and I wish you a very very Happy Birthday, may all your dreams in life come true. All my love, your baby girl (which is what she calls me half the time)


The Sharp Family said...

I hope that she has a very special day today! I often wonder if Norah's birth mom thinks of her on these special days. I do pray that they have peace in their hearts and I know that Grace is loved more than she will ever know :)

wingepr said...

Thanks Penny. I like to think that they do think about them. Maybe it makes it easier for me.

Chelsea Gour said...

Sorry I missed telling her Happy Birthday on the actual day. I say the post today! Happy Late Birthday, Grace! You are a beautiful little girl and I know you are growing into an amazing young lady....just don't do it so fast! :)

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Grace!!

Teresa =) said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Grace!! I've never met you or your family but I feel like your Mommy is one of my closest friends!! And your dance pictures were ADORABLE!!!

Hope you got lots of cake!!

Teresa =)

wingepr said...

Thanks Everyone. It is going TOO fast.

Teresa, I feel the same way! Her recital is next weekend. So excited.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Grace!! I hope you had a very special day.